Bridge Replacements Through SPLOST Construction Almost Finished Around the County

This past week, Thursday, February 15th to be exact, the Troup County Board of Commissioners held one of their regularly scheduled work sessions where they discussed many issues around the county. At the end of that meeting, James Emory gave a special presentation to the commissioners regarding several bridge replacements that are ongoing around the community. The following is a summary of those bridges and their tentative time table for release. Note that all of these openings are tentative and could be affected through rain delays and other unforeseen circumstances.

The first bridge that is almost finished is the Mountville- Hogansville Road Bridge that was constructed by McCoy Grading. The bridge construction began on October 16th of last year, with the road closure following shortly after. The bridge went out to bid for the total of $892,630.10. The asphalt paving is already competed, the guardrail was installed last week, and the striping was planned for this past weekend. The crew will return to dress up the shoulders as well.

The next bridge on the list is on Stewart Road and was constructed by Tidwell Construction and Grading. The road was closed on September 25th of last year with the original bid cost of $813,230. The progress was briefly held up in the beginning due to some issues with Georgia Power Transmission Lines, an issue that was quickly addressed. With half of the bridge already paved, the other half was scheduled for this past Friday, with guardrail and striping scheduled for this past Monday and Tuesday. The bridge is expected to be open to traffic by the time of this publication.

The bridge on Hunt Road was constructed by Southeastern Site Development, with construction beginning on September 9th of last year. The bid cost for this project was $860,537.82. This project presented some unique challenges due to grading and sloping challenges, all of which only caused minor delays. With the project nearing completion, the guardrail installation was scheduled for the first part of this week with striping following shortly after.

The county and the road and engineering department have been working very hard on these infrastructure improvements across our community. They have been faced with multiple contractors, rain delays, and many other challenges. They have pushed forward and thanks to their efforts, and some tireless work by the contractors as well, the projects are nearing completion. It is a perfect, real life example of SPLOST funds being put to great use. These new bridges should stand the test of time and remain here in Troup County for years to come.