Cloverleaf District Project Achievement

District Project Achievement or DPA is the culminating competition in Georgia 4H every year. Youth from 39 counties across the Northwest Region of Georgia come together to showcase what they have accomplished. Fourth through sixth grade students attend Cloverleaf DPA. Each student prepares a 5 minute presentation on any subject they are interested in. At the competition they are scored on their presentation skills and knowledge of their subject. Troup County 4-H students attended Cloverleaf DPA on February 10th in Newton County. There were 320 students from 9 different counties competing that day. Troup County 4-H was represented by 9 fifth and sixth grade students and all of our students did very well. Troup County 4-H students competed in Poultry and Egg Science, Health, Marine and Coastal Ecology, International, General Science, Sports, Agricultural Awareness, Dog Care and Training and Food Fare. Five out of our nine students who competed placed first, second or third in their categories. Congratulations to our Cloverleaf Troup County 4-H students for their hard work this year.

Pictured above: Troup County 4H students at Cloverleaf DPA in Covington, February 10th, 2018 For further information, please call Melanie Dabb, 4H Extension Agent at (706)883-1675.