Troup County Historical Society Celebrates 100 Year Birthday of the Legacy Museum Building

Over 100 years has come and gone since the Legacy Museum building on Main Street was built, ushering in a new era for the community. LaGrange and Troup County are full of incredible historical stories and tales that sometimes wander beyond the realm of our belief. Fortunately, our historical society has made it their mission to protect the stories and artifacts of old so that we pass them from generation to generation, learning so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. This past Tuesday night, February 20th, the group gathered at their building to commemorate its 100 years of service to the community.

It’s January, 1918. The building that would become the home of the archives had just opened as the La- Grange National Bank. Changes have come and gone throughout the year but the building remained a constant, serving as a pillar of the downtown and the community as a whole.As the history books have told us time and time again, the years leading up to the roaring twenties were turbulent, beautiful, and luxurious for some, and destitute, poverty stricken for others. It was a time of T Model Fords and thick bloodshed of WWI. There were many political and societal changes coming quickly as the times were changing but one thing that never changed was the strong and steady structure that still remains on Main Street today, housing our archives and many other important artifacts.

The Troup County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization tasked with handling the historical records for Troup County as well as many other priceless artifacts from our community’s history. In addition, the building now houses the legacy museum, a permanent collection of artifacts that showcases the development of LaGrange, Troup County, and West Georgia as a whole. They have many exciting programs from cemetery tours to historic tours of Broad Street, deluxe dinner programs and incredible occasions across the city. Make sure to keep in tune with all that the society has to offer or stop by and see them at their location at 136 Main Street to tour the Legacy Museum.