Brooks Robinson Speaks at Annual Boys and Girls Club of West Georgia Dinner

All across the world, there are different boys and girls that are in need of structure and guidance. This is a global issue that we face. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be a kid in today’s world. We see in the news so many horrific stories of things happening to children and they can be overwhelmed. However, there are still organizations that care deeply for the well being of all children and are out there making the difference in their lives each and everyday. Across the country and here locally, the Boys and Girls Club is one of those organizations and this past Thursday night, February 22nd, their held their second annual dinner to a packed room at Del’Avant as they heard remarks from an incredible baseball legend.

After a wonderful introduction from his son, Brooks Robinson took the podium for a genuine, heartwarming, and absolutely hilarious speech. “The Human Vacuum Cleaner” Brooks Robinson was a baseball superstar during the early 1960s. He is considered by many to be the greatest third baseman of all time. He began his career with the Baltimore Orioles in 1955 and remained with the team for his entire career. He was an 18 time all star, won 16 golden glove awards, and even won two world series with his beloved Baltimore team. Robinson’s speech that night was a crack up, as he recounted stories from his past on the field. He also emphasized his time with the boys club in his youth and how every child should find a dream and follow it all the way through.

Sheriff James Woodruff, a past president of the Boys and Girls Club of West Georgia also made some remarks, as did JJ Kuerzi, the current president, speaking out in support of the children and all of those in attendance that were there to lend their time, energy, and finances. There was a silent auction for many different prizes that night as well as a live auction for a trip to Costa Rica. There were many sponsors for that night’s event and a delicious catered meal.

The Boys and Girls Club and their staff are an incredible group. From humble beginnings all the way back in the late 1800’s, this group has become global entity for good. They work hard to make sure our kids are protected and safe, all the while engaging them in learning. These are kids that will be sheltered from gangs and violence, given the chance to grow up in a successful environment. Let us all hope that Boys and Girls Club continues their legacy of excellence in LaGrange and Troup County for many years to come.