Female Stabs Walls in Mental Health Crisis

LaGrange Police have arrested a local female on domestic violence charges after she reportedly got into a mental health crisis and began stabbing walls and threatening her family with a knife.

On February 16, around 8:35 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were called to Thornton Street in reference to an unwanted female with a knife.

Officers arrived and found the female suspect arguing with several other subjects on the front porch.

Police spoke with the female, who appeared to be highly upset. She told officers this was her grandmother’s house and denied ever having a knife.

When police arrived the suspect was having an argument with a male, who told her that she was not supposed to be there and asked her to leave. The female then told the male that he was not supposed to be there either.

Police then spoke with the suspect’s grandmother and mother, who are also on scene, and attempted to determine what the problem was.

Officers first spoke with the grandmother, who confirmed that it was her residence. She also told police that the male was her son and he was supposed to be at the residence.

All of the subjects involved continued arguing until police were able to get the female suspect to leave the area.

Once she left, her grandmother explained that the female was not in her right mind. She stated that her adult grandchild had run away from the emergency room and was sent to a mental health facility. She stated her granddaughter needs to be taken back to the hospital.

The incident reportedly started because she became upset and intentionally threwdownhermother’s phone, shattering the screen.

The mother told police that her daughter threatened her with a hammer and a knife. The grandmother also stated she threatened her, but didn’t hurt her.

After she broke the phone, the 22-year-old female reportedly went and got a knife and began stabbing the walls, threatening to stab everyone at the location.

The suspect’s mother stated her child had not been taking her medication, and is manic-bipolar and has depression.

The victim’s advised they did not want to press charges and simply wanted the female to be admitted to a mental health facility.

Officers attempted to advise the victims that they were required to charge the female due to the Georgia Family Violence Act Law, but that the incident could be adjudicated in mental health court.

The mother then became uncooperative, insisting that she did not want to press charges and that she would contact her daughter’s probation officer to have her readmitted to the hospital. As a result, the female, whose name is being withheld due to mental health issues, was charged with Criminal Damage to Property – Family Violence Act and Terroristic Threats – Family Violence Act and transported to the Troup County Jail.