Hogansville Officials Host Coffee Talk with Citizens

All across Troup County, big changes are coming. From large construction projects and infrastructure improvements to smaller, local business endeavors, there is no area in the county that is not experiencing expansion in one form or another. The city of Hogansville is continuing with their changes as well, getting more involved in their community and doing everything they can to keep all of the citizens informed. The government officials are trying new methods as well, launching a new campaign this past Thursday morning, February 23rd, in an effort to connect with their citizens more closely than ever before. This new idea involved a great local business, some freshly brewed coffee, and a seat around the table to discuss some various concerns from around the community.

This past Thursday was the first ever coffee talk in downtown Hogansville. The doors to Stationhouse Coffee in the downtown area off of Main Street were open and citizens were pouring in through the door. Unlike a town hall meeting, this event was simply a way for the citizens of Hogansville to meet face to face with some of the city’s leaders and “shoot the breeze” by getting to know one another better. Mayor Bill Stankiewicz, new City Manager David Milliron, Chief of Police Brian Harr, and many others were in attendance for this event, which they hope becomes a monthly tradition.

There were many issues discussed at this first meeting. Citizens voiced complaints about various topics including the lack of infrastructure such as sidewalks, some public safety concerns, and various other topics. The big issue that was discussed is one that has long been present in the community: the high price of utility bills. City officials have been working hard to address the issues, installing new digital meters in many homes and educating the public on various ways they can improve the efficiency of their homes. There are even programs that will help lower income households find insulation for their homes during the more extreme seasons. The city is working hard on this issue under the leadership of the new city manager.

There will be a town hall meeting at the new Hogansville Public Library on Thursday, March 8th, where citizens can come in a more formal setting and discuss their issues at length, trying to find solutions to their problems. There will be more reports on all of the happenings in Hogansville in the weeks to come.

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