Volleyball Season Opens for Callaway and Long Cane Middle Schools

On Thursday, February 22nd, the Callaway Cavaliers hosted the Long Cane Cougars in the opening games of the season. There are two teams per school, an “A Team” and a “B Team”. The B Team is like being on Junior Varsity and the A Team is like being on Varsity. The B Team plays first. Each match has 2 sets. At the end of the first set, the teams switch sides and play the other side of the court for the second set.

There is always action happening during a volleyball game. If you look away for a second you are sure to miss something. Fun fact: Volleyball players jump about 300 times during a match. This was definitely the case during the face off between CMS and LCMS. Both teams were in constant motion, stopping only for player substitutions and the occasional timeout. Both LCMS teams started out strong, scoring at almost every turn. The Cavaliers were right on their heels answering back with their own scoring skills. Both teams would dive in for the chance to keep the ball in play. Shouts of “I got it!” and “Mine!” echoed throughout the Callaway Middle School gym as multiple players went on the attack to return the ball to the other team. The Cougars led both sets during the B Team game. Callaway fought hard to keep up with them, but ultimately fell short. Both sets were won by LCMS with scores of 25-11 and 25-18.

The A Team match was just as intense as the B Team match. Once again, the Cougars took the lead straight off in the first set. Back and forth, back and forth the Cougars and the Cavaliers gave as good as they got. LCMS held on to their lead and won the first set with a score of 25-9. The second set was started withCavalierpoints. This set had the only Callaway lead of the two matches played by both A and B teams. It didn’t take long for the Cougars to be fed up with the Callaway lead. They quickly adjusted, and never let the Cavaliers catch up. The second set was also won by LCMS with a score of 25-14.

These two teams will also face off against Gardner- Newman Middle School this season. The following is the schedule for these amazing young athletes:

February 27:

Callaway @ Gardner-Newman March 1: Gardner-Newman @ Long Cane

March 6:

Callaway @ Long Cane

March 8:

Gardner-Newman @ Callaway

March 13:

Long Cane @ Gardner-Newman

March 15:

Long Cane @ Callaway

March 20:

Callaway @ Gardner-Newman

March 22:

Gardner-Newman @ Long Cane

March 27:

B Team Tournament @ Gardner-Newman

March 29:

A Team Tournament @ Gardner-Newman All matches begin at 4:30 PM. Stop by and enjoy an action packed good time to support your young athletes.