Huge Wreck Causes Hit and Run Situation on New Franklin Road

The LaGrange Police Department had their work cut out for them this past Monday afternoon, February 26th, with a huge wreck on New Franklin Road. The scene up and down the highway was a chaotic one, with car parts, debris, and groceries scattered across the road. Officers were quick to arrive on the scene of the accident with by standers and witnesses lining the roadside, some of which were directing traffic and helping move debris. It was a scary scene that thankfully reported no injuries but unfortunately, the scene did turn criminal in nature when it was revealed that one of the two cars in the accident drove away after the collision.

According to officers on scene, the occupant of a 2002 Ford Explorer was traveling southbound on New Franklin Road when it was struck by a Grey Nissan making a left out of one of the side streets. The collision hit hard on the passenger side of the truck causing it to flip several times before landing in position with the tires on the ground. The front end of the Nissan was torn off but the car tore out of the scene, with the hood flapping up and down in the air. There were several witnesses on scene and some even jumped in their cars and followed the individual. It was not long before officers tracked the suspect down and had him in custody.

This was another bad wreck in a string of accidents over the past few weeks. Our law enforcement officials have been working tirelessly to help solve these cases and to continue their protection of the citizens of La-Grange and Troup County. More details on the accident and the arrest will be published once it is made available. Follow this story here in Troup County News.

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