The Sock Hops Return for a Third Year at Troup High School

The music was loud and the voices in tune as the Sock Hops out of Marietta, Georgia returned to the stage at Troup High School this past Saturday night, February 24th, for the annual alumni association concert. Their music harkens back to simpler times when the world was made of malt shops and drive in theaters. From the Beach Boys to The Tokens, this group has it all. This was the third year in a new standing tradition for the Troup Alumni Association and the concerts are always a stunning show of nostalgia and fun times. After a performance by some of the Troup High School Students, the group then took the stage.

The Sock Hops returned to the stage once again at the Troup High Auditorium for a great cause. They were there to put on a show sponsored by the alumni association and help raise funds and the band did not disappoint. As people filled the seats, they were treated to an amazing array of songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, as many of them were able to reignite their inner teenage hearts. It was an amazing time and the band is one that has to be heard to be believed.

The Sock Hops were founded in 1989 in Marietta and have been performing ever since. They travel everywhere and have played shows all around at different venues and functions. The group consists of Courtney Oliver, Ward Hiss, Scott Cruce, and Jim Mitchell. Hearing them perform is a truly gratifying experience and will always be worth the price of admission. The group also had CD’s available for purchase of their music.

The Troup High School Alumni Association is an incredibly active membership that works tirelessly to help raise funds for the school and the students that attend. From the Sock Hops concert, to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch and Donkey Basketball, they hold several events throughout the year in order to raise money for students. They are consistently finding new ways in this endeavor and play a large part in many happen-