West Georgia Tech is Crowned the New Champions at this Year’s Spelling Bee

The bees were buzzing this past Monday night, February 26th, when the Callaway Conference Center hosted the Annual CLCP spelling bee. Busy little bugs packed the auditorium out and began preparing for spellers left and right to take the stage. Each and every year this event continues to grow and there are some incredible reasons for this, as the spelling bee each and every year is hosted with the mind set of spreading literacy awareness and providing these reading services to many citizens here in LaGrange and Troup County.

The competition was thick this year, with 12 teams lined up to take each other on. The words were off, with pronouncer Renae Willis and EmBEE Jack Morman leading the way as usual. Everyone survived the first round, with teams beating down the words from every angle. However, the bees began to drop like flies as the rounds moved on. One by one, and with some strategic use of the pass tickets, the teams were buzzed off the stage until there were two left: The West Georgia Technical College Nutty Professors and the Junior Service League Sustainers Queen Bees.

The teams managed to survive three rounds against each other and made it to the dreaded spell off, with a list of five words given out and both teams trying to spell the words correctly for the judges. The team submitted their answers, with tensions thick in the air. After a few moments of the crowd waiting with bated breath, the winner was announced. After missing only one word of the five, West Georgia Tech and their Nutty Professors had become the new spelling bee champions. Debbie Burdette, the busiest bee with the CLCP, headed to the stage to present the team with their trophy.

For nearly two decades now, the Troup County Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) has been working to promote and enhance the literacy here in our community and across the entire state of Georgia. The CLCP wants everyone to know how important reading and literacy are state wide and how reading, learning, and growth are very important to us as peoples. Throughout the year, they host many different events, including the spelling bee and the Leggin for Literacy 5K, and are a very active, important part of our community. Debbie Burdette and her team are so truly passionate about these causes and making sure that every child has the best opportunity to learn about the importance of literacy.

The following is a list of the teams from this year’s competition:

Batson-Cook LaGrange Academy

Matt Autry Becky Brown Beth Tures

Calumet Bank Word Nerds

Sheree McCurry Holt Redding Sharon Woodruff

Charter Bank Spell Checkers

Tammy Brazil Jeri Miles Manda Toney

JSL Sustainers Queen Bees

Kelli Ferrell Catherine Rodriquez Cynthia Welch Ellen Tomlin

LaGrange High School Grangers

Laura Colley Caitlin McDaniel Ellen Tomlin

Smith Design Group

LaGrange College Spellvengers Speller #1 Dark Matter Speller #2 The Librarian Speller #3 The Pundit

Synovus Taking Care of BUZZ’ness

Andi Kinsey Chelcie Kious Mario Demarino

Troup County Medical Society The Doctors

Dr. Jim Brennan Dr. Tom Gore Dr. Ashley Stewart

Troup High School Two Chicks and a Guy

Michelle Ashmore Chance Giddens Paul Hammock

Twin Cedars Control-AULT-Delete

NaToya Alford Janice Brewer Jamie Daniel

Well Star West Georgia Medical Center Well Star Wizards

Sara Lucwick Bob Ullman Hope Zachman

West Georgia Technical College Nutty Professors

Donald Miller Susan Prestridge Candy Pugh

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