“Blissful Thinking” Positive Attitude Drives Tigers to Victory

Another game. Another win.

For the Troup High baseball team, Friday night’s 6 -2 defeat of Central was all part of the plan. Troup rolled over their foe with a dangerous efficiency and asserted their dominance at every position. Rebounding from their first loss of the season to Upson Lee, the Tigers never lost sight of their mission.

“We always expect to win,” Coach Craig Garner said after the game. “We want to compete to win just for the sake of winning.”

The Tigers didn’t disappoint. In front of an enthusiastic crowd of loyal fans, the Troup team took an early lead in the first inning. It was a lead they would never lose.

It was a special night for #2 Ryan Bliss who was responsible for the Tigers’ first run and three scores overall. Displaying athleticism that will carry him to the next level, Bliss kept Central defenders off-balance all night, stealing bases and scoring runs at will.

When asked about his performance, Bliss remained humble, echoing his team’s philosophy.

“We fought hard. I was just trying to give our team the best chance to win,” he said. “We tried not to let [our loss] boil over to this week … We just had to regroup on the mental side.”

The Tigers were a team in sync.

“From our last game to this game, I think our guys are more unified,” Garner said, “Each and every guy is ready to step up and do his job with a little more attention to detail, a little more focus.

The Troup Train shows no signs of stopping. With a 6 – 1 overall record on the year, the Tigers are playing red-hot baseball and only improving. Their next game is at home against Northside at 5:55 PM.