City of LaGrange Holds Annual Arbor Day Event

The city of LaGrange prides itself on being a clean, beautiful city, as proven by the new landscaping and park projects that are ongoing across the community right now. The city has always been active in green initiatives, often partnering with organizations to clean the river, plant trees, and perform a lot of maintenance on aesthetics around the area. This past Friday afternoon, March 2nd, city officials gathered to celebrate an annual tradition and continue their mission of keeping the earth and our community eco friendly.

LaGrange officials hosted the Arbor Day Celebration that Friday at 2:00 p.m. City representatives were on hand to plant a new tree by Bull Street and East Depot near the new skate plaza in downtown La-Grange. For over 16 years, the city of LaGrange has been a recognized tree city and has continued this tradition by planting trees around the town at this time each year. From schools to government buildings and beyond, the city has planted many trees. At the ceremony, Alton West, Leigh Threadgill, other members of the tree board, and city workers gathered to plant the tree, the first of many that will be implemented in the new park area.

Arbor Day, a day where people across the globe are encouraged to plant trees, has its roots based in late 1500’s Spain, with the tradition coming to America in the late 1800’s. There are events hosted across the country each year that commemorate the holiday, with millions and millions of trees being planted across the world. The actual day is not set, as it varies depending on the climate at that point in the year, but generally occurs shortly before the spring weather hits.

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