Randy Robertson Seeks District 29 Seat to Continue his Mission of Serving the Public

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity”.

This Horace Mann quote caps off the end of many emails sent from Randy Robertson and it is a philosophy that he states he tries to live his life by. On his way from meetings with farmers and local business leaders one morning, he made the time for an interview with Troup County News about his run for the Georgia state senate. For over 30 years, Robertson has led a life of public service through law enforcement, reaching the upper echelon of the field and now turning his sights towards a hopeful political run. Robertson claims that his background and upbringing make him uniquely qualified to serve in the senate in the upcoming election.

As Robertson said, of the things that make him uniquely qualified, it is law enforcement officers that are the most connected with their communities. They see the best of areas and the worst. If you need to find something or someone, they are the ones that can help you do that. They weave a tapestry of diverse knowledge. In his time as an officer, that is the role that Robertson has played, working on the policy that community policing is a mindset. In his time with law enforcement, Robertson stated that he was blessed with the ability to communicate and identify some of the biggest issues that are facing us today.

In these observations, Robertson has identified the biggest cultural issues that we face in the breakdown of the family unit. He said that he has seen the dysfunction and that he wants to help untangle the wires, finding ways to give hope and opportunities to people to break the poverty cycle that is caused by generational conditioning and several other factors. For Robertson, it is about providing hope for his only special interest group, that being every man, woman, and child within District 29. Turning his focus towards his campaign run, Robertson highlighted the two issues that are the highest on his list of priorities, the first of those being broadband service for rural areas of Georgia. There are places where children cannot return home for the afternoon but rather have to find a local coffee shop or an area that has wifi to access the internet. Robertson states that he wants to lean on this issue and start finding solutions. Another huge point of concern for Robertson is adoption within the state of Georgia. With many children aging out of the programs, the problems with the foster care system, and the pricing for private adoption at an all time high, Robertson says that he wants to address this issue as a top priority.

Along the campaign trail, Robertson has come up with a critical focus that he calls the five C’s, those being citizens, churches, charities, civic organizations, and corporations. Robertson claims that these five organizations together can solve any problem without government assistance. Making incredible opportunities and recreating the opportunities that other communities have already established are all well within the range of possibilities with these groups. While there is a time and place for the government to help protect and serve, Robertson said that this should be in the form of investing the tax payer money back into the citizens, as it is their money already.

At the end of the day, Randy Robertson claims that he looks to continue his career of service through this new avenue where he can continue to help others within District 29. He said that through his Christian faith and his raising by his mother, he learned from a young age that public service is a calling and that no one should be in it for themselves. Robertson left the interview with this thought: “[We’re] all put here to take care of one another. This is the next step in [my] mission for the last 30 years. It’s the profession I grew up in; serving the citizens of District 29 from legislation that would [prohibit] their way of life.”

The Republican Primary will take place on May 22nd. District 29 is currently held by Senator Josh McKoon who will go on to run for Georgia Secretary of State.

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