Waypoint Seeks a Space at Troup County Board Work Session

The County Commissioners headed into their work session this past Thursday morning, March 1st, fresh off a very busy few weeks. That day was the first of the new extended hours at many of the refuse centers across the county, just one step in many in the County’s and three Cities’ joint campaigns against littering. In fact, the group would even briefly discuss a new policy regarding inmates and trash pickup. This would be discussed more during their meeting that morning along with a few other items. One of these discussions came from Sandra Brownlee, the founder of Waypoint, a program aimed at helping veterans in their return to everyday civilian life. With over 22 suicides among vets each day and several PTSD related issues, the time for this is just as important as ever.

After her exit from the military, Brownlee wanted to find a way of helping her brothers and sisters in arms by finding ways for them to integrate normally back into society and perhaps even more importantly, discover their self worth. After some Dunkin Donuts meetings and getting her feet in the water, Waypoint was formed, with her first permanent location popping up in Griffin, GA, and expansions planned in other areas. Waypoint helps veterans by any means necessary, often times finding them the benefits that they did not even know that they were entitled too. They have found housing, jobs, and stability for many former membersof the armed forces. They are already serving some people here in our community out of the CAFI building and are trying to find new ways to expand into the area.

Parks and Recreation had two agenda items that morning, the first involving renovations at the McCluskey Tennis Center. There was a grant from the Callaway Foundation that has been approved up to a maximum of $575,000.00 which is to be matched by $250,000.00 in cash from other sources, thus providing a maximum amount of $825,000.00, to renovate the McCluskey Tennis Center. This would be used to provide new asphalt for the courts, LED lighting, and renovations to the pro shop. The board will vote on Tuesday as to whether or not they will grant permission for Parks and Rec to pursue this grant.

The other grant the board discussed that morning and will vote on this coming Tuesday involved the pursuit of funding for a new LED video display board for Callaway Stadium. Parks and Rec has secured $300,000.00 in sponsorships along with a grant from the Callaway Foundation in the amount of $75,193.00 to fund the purchase of a modern LED Video Display Board at Callaway Stadium. These funds have come from places such as the school system, La-Grange College, Emory, Wellstar, and LaGrange Toyota that have all made significant contributions.

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