Deputy and K-9 Partner Complete Explosives Training

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office is welcoming a new addition to the squad, this time of the four-legged variety.

On Monday morning the Sheriff’s Office introduced their new K-9 team member, Stella.

Stella is a two-year-old Chocolate Lab, who will primarily be used for sniffing out any potential bombs or other explosive devices.

Stella and her handler, Deputy Adam Richardson, recently completed their five-week training course which certifies them as an Explosive Detection K-9 Team.

Deputy Richardson and Stella completed basic handler- explosive K-9 training, which includes extensive classroom and field work covering buildings, vehicles, open areas, luggage, and other environments.

The course teaches Safety Procedures, Maintaining Your Working Dog, Basic First Aid Procedures, Obedience, Search Patterns and Techniques, Explosive Materials, Safe Explosive Handling, Explosive Scene Management, Record Keeping, and other K-9 unit techniques.

The duo will not only serve the citizens of Troup County, but will also be called upon to assist other Explosive Detection teams should the need arise around the state.

Richardson and Stella are now trained, should the need arise for explosive device or firearms detection. The unit is also a part of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency emergency response team, which is on-call 24/7 to assist other agencies around the state.

The pair will have their work cut out for them locally, though. As one would expect, actual explosive emergencies don’t happen every day, but pranksters, or worse, call in bomb threats far more frequently to schools and large businesses. Law enforcement officials need trained workers like Stella because the next bomb threat could be the real deal.

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