Kiwanis Continues Tradition with Annual Pancake Breakfast

For over twenty years now, Kiwanis has brought joy to many around the community by serving a pancake and sausage filled meal to all that had piled in to First Baptist Church on the Square this past Saturday morning, March 3rd. Doors opened at 7 and people continued to stroll in until it was nearly noon. Throughout the course of the day, the Kiwanians served a tremendous amount of pancakes to all who ventured through, keeping alive a tradition that has occurred over the course of twenty years.

The gymnasium filled up fast with people from all across the community pouring in to collect their pancakes and enjoy a meal with some friends. Across the room, members of the Key Club, a high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis, filtered around the room serving refills. Many members of the Kiwanis Club were hard at work in the kitchens, preparing the meals and greeting those who entered, many of whom that have been attending for several years. Syrup, sausage, and many other delicious smells took over the space and perhaps most importantly, a lot of funds were raised for Kiwanis- sponsored scholarships.

The proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast will go on to become scholarship funds for seniors in high school that are ready to embark on their college careers. These scholarships have helped many kids get a financial head start over the years and are an important tradition to keep alive. Hopefully in keeping with tradition, the club should have raised a few thousand dollars once again this year.

This kind of event is really what Kiwanis International is all about, bringing people together. The Pancake Breakfast and many of the other Kiwanis sponsored events help the youth in our community and provide them with platforms of education and opportunity. Throughout the year, Kiwanis is involved with many projects and events that help raise money for worthwhile causes. Their traditions have helped to serve so many in different forms. These traditions will continue as the club expands and grows into a bigger, brighter future.

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