Sheriff’s Office Team Members Adopt a Mile in Effort to Help Clean up Litter

In recent weeks, all three cities under the Troup County banner, and County officials themselves, have embarked on a new mission of cleaning up litter. Litter has been a hot button issue as of late, with many individuals complaining to elected officials. This is an issue that many communities around the country face but here in our home, people are becoming active in fixing the problem. The county and all three cities recently embarked on a new anti-littering campaign, complete with video packages and educational materials. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office, in keeping with this new anti-litter initiative, recently adopted a stretch of highway and this past Saturday morning, March 3rd, the crew held their first clean up.

The Sheriff and his crew started early, around 8 that morning, and ventured out to their stretch of highway. The group, all decked out in their orange safety vests, began down the side of the road, collecting garbage as they went. When all was said and done, the group had collected over a half dozen bags of trash. Along with members of the Sheriff’s Office, there were also volunteers from the Explorer Post 118 and other citizens who joined in, with a combined 15 people working to keep the streets clean.

Sheriff James Woodruff commented on this first outing of his crew, stating that he appreciates his staff and the members of his family that also came out that morning and helped pick up trash. The Sheriff went on to say that if everyone such as civic clubs, churches, and every other type of organization will continue to help that everyone would be surprised at just how clean we could all keep Troup County. The Sheriff’s Office joins the ranks of local government officials in doing their part to clean up Troup County and change the mindset of citizens in taking pride in our beautiful home town. Together, we can all keep Troup beautiful.