Too Much to Handle: Callaway Baseball Wins a Nail-biter

The Callaway Cavalier baseball team bumbled its way to victory over the HandleyTigersFriday,March 9. With a last-minute push, the Cavaliers shut down a late rally by Handley to hold on to a narrow 4-3 victory. With Friday’s game behind them, Callaway now sits with an impressive 8-4 record on the season.

But for the Cavaliers, their latest match was too close for comfort. Late-game errors in the seventh inning nearly cost them the game. With Brooks Bleckoe on the mound, Callaway put a sloppy but ultimately-effective end to the battle.

Handley opened the seventh down by two. With one out and batters on first and second, Handley set poised to strike.

Callaway needed an out.

Bleckoe took the mound under pressure, unable to foresee the controversy that would follow.

On the surface, it was pretty straightforward. Handley knocked the ball far right field, only to be caught. But the sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

As Handley’s player on second base made a run for third, Callaway overthrew the ball to Bleckoe. In the chaos that followed, Handley shaved the deficit to a nail-biting 4-3 margin.

Callaway fans and coach were quick to call foul. Alleging Handley made an early run off second, the Cavaliers attempted to reverse the call.

It didn’t work. As Handley took the bat, the pressure mounted.

The Cavaliers failed to gain composure. As an opposing Tiger bunted the ball, Bleckoe fumbled to pick it up. His toss to first was late. Handley was safe and now had two batters on bases.

It was now do or die for the Cavaliers. Bleckoe pitched two balls and two strikes before Handley bunted another his way.

In an effort to avenge his earlier mistake, Bleckoe made a haphazard grab for the ball.

And missed.

Fans gasped but were soon on their feet as Bleckoe darted the ball to first. The game was over.

“I’m glad they held on, you know,” Coach Dusty Hubbard said after the game. “[Handley’s] a good little team. They fought hard.”

For the Cavaliers, Hubbard has a goal in mind.

“I want us to be able to build on what we did last game to Upson Lee,” he said, referencing Callaway’s 8-0 demolition of the school from Thomaston, Georgia.

The Cavaliers are looking to take their success on the road. Callaway will play their next game away at Temple High School Tuesday, March 13th.