Reel 30 Bass Trail Continues Reel 30 Bass Trail Continues

The Reel 30 Bass Trail continued with another great tournament Sunday, April 9th. Last weekend’s tournament was held on Lake Eufaula and attracted a large crowd of good competitors.

Starting while the weather was nice and cool in the morning, the competition spent a day on the lake trying to get the largest haul.

As always, the Reel 30 Bass Trail brought in some of the Southeast’s best fishermen, so the competition proved healthy and fierce. All competitors did their best and displayed wonderful sportsmanship.

Tim Reeves caught the biggest fish of the day with a whopping 5.90-lb bass. Larry McManus came close with a 5.30-lb bass.

Chuck Tigner, however, won the tournament with a staggering 15.54-lbs of fish caught. Tournament director Larry McManus, who had one of the largest fish caught, brought in the second- place haul of 13 lbs and 8 ounces.

Rounding out the top three was Tim Reeves who caught a respectable 12lbs and 13 ounces worth of bass.

Jeff Gordy took fourth place with 11lbs and 14oz, while Toby Reeves finished off the top five with 10lbs and 73oz.

The Reel 30 Bass Trail would like to thank all of Reel 30 Bass Trail Continues

their sponsors who helped make the event happen and invites everyone to check out their official Facebook page for more information, including pictures and overall tournament standings.

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