Callaway Soccer Falls Short Cavaliers Lose a Close One

Callaway Soccer Falls Short Cavaliers Lose a Close One

Callaway boys soccer team

The Callaway Cavalier boys soccer team competed against South Paulding in a showdown Friday night. The Cavaliers hosted the Spartans in a nonconference matchup that went down to the wire. The Cavaliers kept it close but were unable to overcome a 2-1 deficit before time expired.

Callaway boys soccer boasted a 10-4-2 record coming into the game with an impressive 8-1 record in region play. The Cavaliers looked to build on their already-impressive season with a win over the Spartans.

Both teams played great defense all night, and it took until nearly the end of the first half before the Spartans finally managed the drive the ball past the Cavalier goalie.

Callaway looked to tie the game but was stopped by the clock at half. With ten minutes to regroup and strategize, a confident Cava lier team returned to the field with a plan in mind.

A revitalized Cavalier offense overwhelmed the Spartan defense and tied the game 1-1 by putting Callaway on the board.

As both defenses stepped up, the game hit a deadlock.

With time running out, the Spartans broke free to regain the lead 2-1.

Try as they might, the Cavaliers were unable to overcome the deficit for a second time. Wonderful defense kept Callaway in the game, but the Cavaliers proved unable to ignite any consistent offensive firepower.

With a 10-5-1 record for the year, the Cavaliers still boast an impressive resume. With only two regular- season games remaining, Callaway looks to finish the year strong.

The Cavaliers’ next match will be a home game against Northgate on April 17 at 7:30 PM. They will host Mt. Zion two days later to close out their season.

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