Empty Bowl Dinner Draws Big Numbers to Help Fight Poverty

Poverty is a big problem globally, with many in need of food, water, and shelter every day. These issues are not localized, but are spread across the world. Here in LaGrange and Troup County, there are men and women that face these same issues. However, there are groups and organizations dedicated to helping fix these issues through various means of charitable giving. Recently, Circles of Troup County hosted their annual empty bowl dinner on Thursday night, April 12th, to a packed house at Del’Avant. With many in attendance, it was yet another step towards ending poverty in our community.

The Empty Bowl Dinner is a special event each year hosted at the Del’Avant event center. It’s a drop-in style event where people come by, pick up a handmade bowl, choose from a variety of soups, and take their bowl with them at the end of the night. There were guest speakers and many fun activities that night, as well as a silent auction. Testimonials were given by people who were able to overcome their poverty thanks to the help of Circles.

Here in Troup County alone, more than 20% of people live at or below the federal poverty level, a figure that equates to around $23,550 for a family of four. Circles aims to help fix this through finding the causes of poverty and helping to eliminate them. Since 2007, Circles has been finding ways to help make people self sufficient through counseling, goal setting, literacy, and several other development programs. They host many events each year to raise funds to continue their mission. You can find out more about them and what you can do to help by checking them out on their website at circlesoftroup .org or by finding them on Facebook.


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