Lights Out Cartersville Proves Why They Are Number One

The LaGrange Granger baseball team hosted the Cartersville Hurricanes on Friday in heated region play. After a wild, backand- forth game with a crazy finish, the Grangers find themselves with a 5-4 region record after dropping another—this time to the number one team in the region.

For the first two-and-ahalf innings, the Grangers, who have struggled to field a consistent product all season, were seemingly overmatched by their opponent. Despite their efforts, the team was unable to stop Cartersville from racing out to a 4-0 lead.

But the game changed when Charles Crawford hit a two-run homer at the bottom of the third, slicing the Cartersville lead in half. Crawford’s score rejuvenated the Grangers— both on and off the field—and when Ben Farrar closed out the third with a score of his own, Granger Field was electric.

Down 4-3, the Grangers had a chance.

At the top of the fourth, it was time for the Granger defense to take a stand. Drawing on a long tradition of Granger pride, La-Grange shut out region number one Cartersville for two straight innings. Six Cartersville outs later, and the LaGrange High Grangers—against all odds—were winning 5-4 at the top of the sixth.

Cartersville was suddenly face-to-face with a dangerous possibility: their first loss in region play. In order to remain undefeated, the Canes would have to overcome a Granger defense that had smothered them for two straight innings.

Perhaps some things are easier done than said.

Starting at the top of the sixth, the Canes would blow the top off what had been a close game, smashing Granger hopes with seemingly every swing of the bat. An impressive grand slam would put Cartersville up 8-5, but the Canes would not stop there. Looking to cement their place atop region standings, Cartersville prevented the Grangers from scoring another run—while scoring ten more of their own. The final score was 18-5.

The Grangers hope to rebound from this crushing region defeat in their next game, which will be played at Sandy Creek on April 18th.

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