Local Artwork to be Placed Throughout City of LaGrange, Creative Sculptures Inspired by Textile Mills

Local artwork will soon be placed throughout the City of LaGrange including at Sweetland Amphitheatre, The Thread, LaGrange Art Museum, Lafayette Society for Performing Arts, and City Hall.

Chuck Moore, a metal, stone, and wood sculptor, is a self-taught artist who learned how to create art growing up in the textile mill.

“Basically what I’m after is for it to be seen. I want people to know where the pieces and parts come from. I want people to see it,” said Moore.

“Some of this stuff is very old and the deal with making something like this out of it is that they’ll be no more of it.”

Moore described one of pieces on display at Sweetland Amphitheatre.

“There’s air regulators and there’s gears off a speed frame. His hair is drops off of a plasma table. Scrap basically. They’ll cut a part out and what was left I just cut in pieces and bent it all up to what looked like his head exploded. At least that’s what I was going for,” Moore laughed.

The artwork is on permanent loan to the City of LaGrange.

City crews plan to install some of the artwork along The Thread this week. Moore’s artwork can currently be seen at Sweetland Amphitheatre and in front of LaGrange City Hall.

LaGrange Art Museum Executive Director Laura Jennings approached the city after learning more about Moore’s artwork.

The museum will be hosting a reception August 4th, 2-4 p.m. to honor him.

“Moore is also giving on permanent loan several of his wood and soapstone carvings. Those pieces, along with his lamps

created from textile machine parts, will be on display at the reception,” said Jennings.

“Chuck’s generosity with this gift of sculpture will be celebrated at this reception. The public is invited, along with city officials, to honor Chuck and his giving spirit.”

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