Man Causes Scene at Taco Bell, Arrested for Cocaine

LaGrange Police arrested a man on multiple charges after he allegedly became intoxicated and began yelling inside the local Taco Bell. Friday afternoon about 2:55 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department responded to Taco Bell on Commerce Avenue in reference to a complaint about a male disturbing customers and yelling inside of the store.

Officers arrived and located the unwanted male, Rozelle Lamar Griffin, as he stumbled out of the restaurant, dropping items as he walked.

Griffin agreed to leave the restaurant and told police he was okay, so officers initially told him he was free to go. As police ensured that Griffin was actually leaving, officers began to fear that he was going to walk into traffic, so they stopped him again. When officers asked Griffin if he had anything to drink, Griffin denied drinking and told police that he was just sleepy due to having just taken his sleeping medication.

As police were speaking with Griffin, he began to reach inside of his pocket, so officers advised him not to reach into his pockets again. After a brief moment, Griffin attempted to reach into his pocket again, so officers grabbed him by the wrist and began to detain him. Griffin then snatched his arm back and once again attempted to go back into his pocket, while trying to pull away from police.

Griffin was then forcibly detained in handcuffs after a brief physical struggle. After Griffin was secured in handcuffs, officers noticed a clear glass smoking device containing an amount of suspected cocaine lying on the ground near where the struggle had taken place. Officers then placed Griffin under arrest, thinking he had dropped the suspected cocaine pipe.

Paramedics were called to evaluate Griffin and clear him before taking him to jail. Police later learned that Griffin had recently consumed a “Phantom” drink that contained six sleeping pills mixed in. As a result, Griffin, age 28, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Related Objects, Obstruction of Officers, and Public Drunkenness.