Putting on the Ritz

The Troup County Historical Society will be hosting “Putting on the Ritz” on August 10th at the Legacy Museum.  Going back in time to the 1920’s, the gala and silent auction event is not only to give people a look at what life was like back then; it is also to help raise money for the Troup County Archives.

There will be a live band, dancing, and some cocktails.  Wear period costumes and travel back in time to when Troup County had gristmills, sawmills, and blacksmith shops.  Learn how to dance the Charleston as they would have danced it.  See some of the mixed drinks that would have come from that era.

Attendees will also have the chance to bid on some art work from some very talented artists.  Some of the art work up for bid is from Annie Greene, a famed yarn artist in our local area.

The event is sure to capture the public’s attention.  From period-dated clothing, beautiful artwork, and much more, this gala is sure to be a grand experience.

Cocktails will start at 5:30 PM at the Legacy Museum, and dinner will start at PM at Del’avant.

If you would like more information please call 706-884-1828.


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