Downtown LaGrange Development Authority Presents Ciao Vino!: AWine Pairing Experience

On Friday, September 7, the Downtown Lagrange Development Authority presented an impressive wine tasting and food pairing experience to benefit The Lafayette Alliance. Global, national, and regional wines were paired with food prepared by talented, local chefs. Craft beers and other spirits were also available to tickle the taste buds. A complimentary wine glass and appetizer tray was given to each participant supporting the event.

After checking in with the gracious hostesses at the door, guests were instructed to head for the roof. On the roof of Del’ avant, the sweet sounds of LaGrange Symphony Orchestra danced in the air and through the crowd which had gathered to start their experience. Hors d’oeuvres were offered by wait staff, and a serving table overflowed with deliciousness. A small preview of spirits was also offered on the rooftop.

Once everyone was settled, the guests were welcomed and treated to a special show before heading downstairs to the ballroom to enjoy the event to the fullest. “Thomas Jefferson” kicked off the bash by opening a bottle of champagne with a saber.

As he did so, he quoted Napoleon Bonaparte, saying, “In victory, you deserve champagne; in defeat, you need it.”

The crowd cheered and clapped as bubbles of perfection spewed from the ceremonial ritual.

Guests then made their way to the main event. The ballroom was full of wine booths with presenters eagerly awaiting them and five chefs offering perfect pairings for the liquid star of the night. Other beverages were also available. Guests quickly began to sample the delights and mingle. The hum of chatter and laughter quickly filled the room. The drinks, the food, and the company made for a fantastic social event for a good cause, The Lafayette Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the ideals and values of Marquis de Lafayette.

The Downtown La-Grange Development Authority promotes, revitalizes, and beautifies the historic downtown area. Through their efforts, they encourage retail and professional business growth for the benefit of our community and its members. Thank you to all who organized this event, those who provided services, and especially those who showed up in support of the cause. Ciao Vino! was a super success because of everyone involved.

The author of this article can be reached via email at info@troupcountynews. net.


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