Dr. Julie Williams Visits the Legacy Museum

On Tuesday, September 11, the Troup County Historical Society hosted a Lunch and Learn event at the Legacy Museum. It featured Dr. Julie Williams, who is an Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences at Samford University. Dr.Williams uses the same publishing company that the Museum and Archives uses so Shannon Johnson, the Director of the Legacy Museum, and Troup County Archives decided to do some research on Dr. Williams and found that when she went to Samford University, Dr. Williams was one of her professors.

Dr. Williams has a B.A. in History and English from Principia College, an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Alabama, and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, from the University of Alabama. She has won several awards and been given multiple honors during her career. One neat little tidbit about her is that she has also written many newspaper articles over the years.

Dr. Williams has researched the Titanic, the Wright Brothers, and Colonial Media. She has published two history books, A Rare Titanic Family and Wings of Opportunity. A Rare Titanic Family is actually a story about the Titanic, but it is also about a family member of hers that survived the Titanic. Wings of Opportunity tells the story of 1910 Alabama where the Wright Brother’s taught a civilian flying school. Her new book that she is working on is called Three Not So Ordinary Joes.

During her visit she told about the Tattler newspaper and the Spectator. The Tattler was just like it sounded—it told on everyone. The Spectator was geared toward women with light politics and humorous stories. It was also a daily.

Dr. Williams had her audience help her with some skits and was delightfully entertaining. The Museum was decorated in period displays that went perfectly with the stories and information that Dr. Williams treated her audience to.

The museum itself is like a walk through the past with all types of sights to see. It is definitely a must see if you are interested in history and the many facets that it holds.

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