•October 9, 2018 LaGrange College will host a debate between Randy Robertson and Valerie Haskins, candidates for the Georgia Senate District 29 seat, at 11:15 a.m. Oct. 9 in DicksonAssembly Room inTurner Hall. Free and open to the public. •November 3, 2018 AnAARPDriversSafetyClasswillbeheldonNov.3rdattheGrantvilleLibrary. Theclasswillstartat 10:00andisopentoALLages. YoudonothavetobeanAARPmembertoattend. Theclasswillcover thenewrulesoftheroadandalsoreviewnewGAdrivinglaws. Classcosts: $15forAARPmembersand $20fornonmembers. Toregistercall770-683-0535.

•Every Monday: Al-Anon-7:00 p.m. at Dallas-Dodd Presbyterian Church, 1244 Wares Cross Road, LaGrange. •Mondays: The“MoversandShakers”LineDanceclasswillbeheldatSpringfieldBaptistChurch/ Hogansville,GA on Mondays at 6pm to 7pm. Class is free.

•AAMeetingtimesatSelfHelpHarbor,909StonewallStreet,LaGrange. Saturday-8 am,10:30a.m.(Women’s),1 p.m.,7 p.m.;Sunday-10a.m.,6 p.m.,8 p.m.; Monday& Friday-Noon,6 p.m.,8 p.m.;Wednesday-alsohasa 8 a.m.meeting. For additional information please call, 706-884-6993.

• Every Monday: The Optimist Club of LaGrange meets for lunch every Monday at noon at the Mike Daniel RecreationCenter. Wewouldloveforanyonetocomeoutandseewhatweareallabout. Wearealways looking for new members! For more information contact Natalie Phillips, (706) 883-6138.

•Every Tuesday: LaGrangeLionsClubmeetseveryTuesdayatnoonattheHighlandCountryClub.Wewouldlovefor anyonetocomeoutandseewhatweareallabout. Wearealwayslookingfornewmembers!

•EveryTuesday& Wednesday:Nomatterwhatyourproblemwithfood-compulsiveundereating, overeating, food addiction, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating,purging by vomiting or laxative use, or over exercising.There is a solution.You are not alone anymore!!!The meetings has no cost or dues. It will take placeatFirstBaptistontheSquareChurchStreetonTuesdayat7:15pmandWednesdayat1 pm. For information call: 706-884-9925

•EveryTuesdayandFriday:OilPaintingClasses:From12to4 p.m.attheActiveLifeSeniorCenter,140 Ragland Street, LaGrange, GA. Beginners or advanced are welcome. Open to all adults, 55 and over. For additional information contact Donna Bailey 706-884-6998.

•Every Wednesday: Preschool Story Time at LaGrange Memorial Library at 10:30 a.m. Enjoy stories, fingerplays, songs and a craft. •Every Thursday: KiwanisClubmeetseveryThursdayatnoonattheHighlandCountryClub.Wewouldloveforanyoneto comeoutandseewhatweareallabout. •Every Thursday: Celebrate Recovery (a self help program for anyone with hurts, habits, hangups). Join us everyThursday evening_ dinner served 6pm, if you wish, followed by program 6:30-8pm. Held in the First Baptist Church ontheSquare’sFamilyLifeCenterChapel. EnterwhereyouseetheblackcanopyonChurchSt. For additional information, call First Baptist Church office at (706) 884-5631.

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