Bike MS 2018

This year Bike MS raised over $300,000 to go toward researching a cure. There were eight riders this year who have MS. One of the riders is 86 years old, and the group calls him their inspiration. He is their oldest rider. His bike had a hook on it so that if hills or valleys get to be too much, another rider can hook on to his to give him a little extra help along the way. Another rider marked his 25th year of riding in Bike MS.

Many groups came out to help support the ride in hopes that one day there will be a cure. Ken Sparks spoke before the race and told of how the advancements that have been made through research have truly made a difference in his life. He also told about how he couldn’t walk a straight line, but he could ride a bike. The ride had rest stops about every 10 miles so that the riders could rehydrate and get a snack.

MS affects people differently. Some having the capability to walk, others to crawl, and some are wheel-chair bound. This disease doesn’t care about age, color, or gender.

The courage and the excitement written on the faces of the ones who are doing their best to fight against this disease was a beauty to see. There was a good turnout for the race which enabled the riders to feel the support of the community. Supporting each other even when you don’t understand what the other person is going through is what community is all about.


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