May Martial Arts Competes in Southern Open National Championship Tournament

Nine students from May Martial Arts traveled to Columbus, Georgia on September 22 to compete in the Southern Open National Championship Tournament.

May Martial Arts featured a variety of competitors, ranging in age from child to adult, and those in attendance participated in the sparring and forms division of the tournament.

The Southern Open National Championship Tournament is one of the largest in the area, featuring over 180 divisions across all age groups. Competitors from May Martial Arts participated in the intermediate and black belt divisions.

Dawn May, of May Martial Arts, commended the school’s students’ performance.

“They all did fantastic and represented May Martial Arts and LaGrange,” said May.

May’s praise does not come lightly. May Martial Arts upholds strict standards of excellence and builds students’ mental and physical strength while building their character.

“At May Martial Arts, our goal is to create an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success,” May added.

The students’ success was on full display at the tournament, as they represented the core values of their teaching at May Martial Arts—“discipline, respect, integrity, patience, loyalty, and honor.”

Based in LaGrange, May Martial Arts has a rich tradition in instructing members of our local community in various styles of martial arts. The school participated in the LaGrange Mall Summer Showcase earlier this year and highlighted some of their teachings through an exciting demonstration of their students’ talents and abilities.

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