Shannon Gipson Loves the TCSS Family Atmosphere

Shannon Gipson joined Long Cane Elementary (LCES) seven years ago. Now, as a first grade teacher, she says she still loves the family atmosphere that drew her to Troup County School System. “I previously worked with a small school system that embraced a family atmosphere. I saw that among the staff at Long Cane Elementary when my family and I moved here in 2008,” she said. Coming from a small town in Arkansas, Gipson added, “My own personal children were loved and encouraged. I could see myself as a member of that kind of group which is why I am teaching in Troup County.”

She believes positive interactions drive an essential part of her life and she brings the same drive into the classroom. “The best part of teaching is the interaction with children. They need to be loved and someone needs to show them they believe in their ability to succeed – even at this young age,” she said through a wide smile.

After a number of years planning fun and interactive lessons for her students, she feels the profession is one that each teacher is puts their heart into, “Each day, we as teachers show up with educating children as our priority. I do what I was raised to do and what we raise our children to do treat others how we want to be treated, love them where they are, and expect the best of them.”

Gipson and her husband Victor are the proud parents of two daughters, Grace and Faith.


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