County Manager Retires After 20 Years of Service to Troup County

County Manager Tod Tentler is retiring this month after two decades of service to Troup County.

Tentler will still be employed by the county till the end of the year, but the commissioners said their goodbyes during the November 6 regular commission meeting.

Tentler has served as County Manager for the last six years. He previously served Troup County as Director of Parks and Recreation and Assistant County Manager.

During his tenure as county manager, Tentler helped facilitate many public projects such as The Thread at Granger Park, Sweetland Amphitheater at Boyd Park, and the Hogansville Public Library, as well as upgrades and improvements to numerous county roads and parks.

County Commission Chair Patrick Crews presented Tentler with a plaque in recognition to his service to Troup County.

“I’ve known Tod for a long time, before I got involved with county government, and I’ve always considered him friend,” said Crews.

Saying he is a man of few words —except when it comes to offering a joke—Tentler gave a few thank-you’s to the people with whom he had worked over the years, stopping himself before he became emotional.

“It’s been a pleasure working for Troup County,” said Tentler. “We’ve got great people in Troup County, and they make me look good, and I appreciate that.”

“On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, we would like to thank Mr. Tentler for his dedicated service to Troup County,” said Crews. “His leadership has significantly impacted our community, and we would like to recognize his great contributions to the growth and success of this County. We wish him the best in his retirement.”

Sheriff James Woodruff was also on hand and thanked Tentler for his help over the years, especially when he started.

“As you all recall, we weren’t in the best shape, but he has worked diligently to help us, and I want to thank him for that,” said Woodruff.

Local Georgia State Patrol Commander Sgt Maurice Raines also presented Tentler with a decree from the Georgia Department of Public Safety naming him an honorary Georgia State Trooper for his help over the years. Tentler was crucial in helping establish the new State Trooper post on LaFayette Parkway.

Tentler has been an asset to the Georgia State Patrol and a friend over the years, said Raines.

The Board of Commissioners also voted to tentatively hire current Assistant County Manager Eric Mosley as the new county manager. Mosley could take over as early as November 12.

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