Kemp Declares Himself Governor, Abrams Rejects the Statement

Update: Since the publication of this article, Brian Kemp has declared himself the victor of the election. He currently leads Abrams by 50.3 to 48.7%. The Abrams campaign refuses to concede, alleging that no official proof has been provided to support Kemp’s claim. They note that Abrams is only a net change of 25,700 votes shy of forcing a runoff and only 23,800 shy of triggering a recount. The Abrams campaign held a press conference yesterday to discuss future plans and noted that all actions–including asking for a recount and possible litigation–are still on the table. Highlighted notes from the conversation can be found at the end of this article. 

Voters across the state took to the polls on Tuesday to vote, among other things, for the next governor of Georgia. At the time of press, the election is still too early to call, but Secretary of State Brian Kemp is leading with 63.3% of the vote. Abrams, his Democratic opponent, currently has 36.2% of the vote.

Tuesday’s election served as the culmination of a heated campaign cycle in which both candidates accused each other of voter misconduct. The Abrams campaign made a habit of accusing Kemp of voter suppression, referencing his position as the Secretary of State and overseer of elections as they did so.

Allegations broke earlier this week however, that the Democratic Party had hacked into Georgia’s election system. Kemp later noted that the issue was not under investigation by the Secretary of State’s office but instead by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

At the time of this article, an Abrams victory appears unlikely but is certainly still possible, as more than 90% of precincts have yet to report. It may be expected that Abrams will see a boost from the metro Atlanta area as more votes come in.

While the two candidates have been in a statistical dead-heat for much of the race, a recent Trafalgar poll had Kemp up by 12 points—the highest margin of any poll so far this election cycle. While it certainly may prove to be an anomaly, the poll comes from one of the only groups to accurately predict the 2016 Presidential election.

A Kemp victory would be a win for Conservatives in the state and across the country, as they look to stave off a “blue wave” that has been hyped by national news media.

Likewise, a win for Abrams would be a blow to Conservatives nationwide, but especially in Georgia, as she flipped a traditionally-conservative state. This would have important implications in the next Presidential election. If Abrams wins, she would be the first African-American governor in United States history.

Abrams made a point to stop by Troup County twice on her campaign trail, making special note to ignore questions from Troup County News reporters at the time.

Results from the Georgia Congressional Election currently stand with Democrat John Lewis winning District 5 and Republican Austin Scott winning District 8. Currently, Republicans lead seven other districts in the state, with Democrats leading three.

Election results can be tracked online at www.troupcountynews.net for more up-to-date and accurate results.

The author of this article can be reached via email at info@troupcountynews. net.

—Notes from the Abrams press conference—

Abrams’ Campaign Manager: “We know that our opponent has had the Secretary of State’s Office declare him the victor.

We do not accept that.”

“We believe from what we know and from our legal and field teams … that the majority of [unprocessed] votes are Democratic.”

Abrams campaign “remains steadfast to have every vote counted.”

“It’s well past time that the Secretary of State resigned from the position of overseer of his own election.”

The Abrams will “explore every option to ensure that every vote is counted and that Constitutional rights are upheld.”

“Georgians’ base Constitutional rights are threatened.”

“We’re not taking any options off the table,” says Abrams campaign when asked if they would request a recount even if the margin didn’t automatically trigger one.

“Kemp is using the Secretary of State’s Office as an arm of his campaign apparatus … They are trying to force an outcome without offering proof, without offering transparency.”

“Stacey Abrams had more votes than Barack Obama … We need every vote counted. That’s a fair process … When we have that, we’ll accept the results.”

“We are definitely looking to all types of lawsuits and litigation as we move forward.”

“[Kemp is] using his office to declare himself governor.”

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