Juvenile Arrested for Axe Incident

LaGrange Police have charged a 14-year-old juvenile after he smashed up his father’s truck with an axe and kicked in a door after a family dispute.

Late Friday night about 10:30 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department initially responded to the 1200 block of Second Avenue in reference to reports of a male juvenile threatening his father.

Officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, who stated his son had thrown a large roll of plastic wrap at his head after an argument and later damaged his truck and front door.

The father explained that his son has mental health issues and has been prescribed ADHD medication, but he refuses to take the medicine. The father stated they had recently hidden the knives in the house due to the juvenile repeatedly threatening to hurt and kill them with knives. They also reportedly found knives hidden in his room.

After the juvenile threw the item, the father stated he forced his son outside. He then heard a disturbance outside and soon afterwards his son began banging on the front door. The juvenile then reportedly kicked in the door, causing the door jamb to break apart into pieces and come off of the wall. The juvenile then left the scene before police arrived.

The father later looked outside and saw his truck had been struck with an axe that he kept on the front porch.

Police observed the truck windshield had been smashed in and the hood had a large cut. Both were consistent with being struck by an axe. The front door also had shoe prints and damage consistent with being kicked in.

Police later located the juvenile on Fendig Street and he openly admitted to hitting his father’s truck with an axe on the windshield and the hood.

The juvenile claimed his father threatened to hit him and took a fighting stance, so he took a fighting stance in return, but after a few relaxed moments he thought his father was done with the altercation. The juvenile stated his father then struck him in the head, grabbed him, and forced him outside.

The juvenile stated he then became very angry, picked up an axe from the front porch, and struck his father’s truck on the windshield and hood. The juvenile initially denied kicking in the door, but later openly admitted that he did kick the front door.

As a result, the juvenile, age 14, was later charged with Criminal Damage to Property – Family Violence Act and sent to a youth detention center in Columbus.

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