Montgomery Sets Goals, Cuts Times, Gets in the Swimming Fast Lane

There is nothing that Carlie Montgomery would rather do than jump in the pool and race.

“I’m a competitive person. Our coaches push us hard, and I set goals. I want to get faster, and I want to get a [college] scholarship,” said Montgomery.

The latter goal can wait for the 11-year-old girl, who has been training with the Troup County Sharks for the last two years. She doesn’t love every bit of it, but she does understand it and accept it.

Especially the 2,500 to 3,000 yards of laps that she is expected to swim at each practice, Monday through Thursday at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center.

Montgomery, all 5-foot-2 of her, is a swimmer that can’t get enough of the sport or the water, whether it’s short course season or long course season. She is the “all-year long” competitive type.

“Due to practice I am getting better. It’s fun, and it’s good to be fast. Our coaches have taught me to dive, turn, and do the underwater kick. I still need to get better at pushing off the wall,” said Montgomery.

Winning is always the objective with the seventhgrader from Long Cane Middle School. Montgomery has placed in many a race, and she has a wad of ribbons to show for it. She has won some trophies, too. Montgomery is liable to win many more. Her best swimming meets just may be ahead of her. She is always striving to get better.

“This is tough, and you have to believe in yourself. My endurance is getting better. Swimming is good for the body. I think about going fast and touching the wall,” said Montgomery.

Her fastest events are the 50-yard butterfly, 50 freestyle, and the 100 freestyle. Montgomery has been clocked at 31.31 seconds in the 50-yard butterfly.

She has been timed at 29.08 seconds in the 50 freestyle. Montgomery also has a personal best time of 1:05 in the girls 100 freestyle. As a matter of fact, Montgomery is so good she has been promoted from the Troup County Sharks junior team to the senior squad.

That decision was made one year ago. Montgomery is keeping up with the senior swimmers. She is her competitive self.

“I have fast strokes and a fast kick. Our coaches teach us to do the little things right,” said Montgomery, who will soon be swimming the 100-yard butterfly.

Sharks senior coach William Yin has watched Montgomery trim time and stay positive. She has no ceiling on her swimming potential. “She is consistent. Carlie goes hard. She is more confident, and she wants it. She can be a leader,” said Yin. “Carlie is a good teammate, and she can be as good as she wants to be.”

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