Commissioners Approve LaGrange Mall TAD

Commissioners Approve LaGrange Mall TAD

542 Rosemont Road. This property is Agricultural Residential. The owner Greg Arrington is wanting to make a Special Events Center. The only complaint was residents close by are worried about the noise. There are 10 recommendations that must be met before approval.

1. Submittal and approval of building plans and site plan.

2. Roads to be designed for two way access and allweather accessibility including emergency vehicles. Plans must be reviewed and approved by County Engineer and Fire Chief.

3. No amplified music outside after 10:00 p.m.

4. Any proposed deviations from approved site plan must be submitted and approved by the Department of Building, Planning and Zoning.

5. Any expansion of uses and/or expansion of land area from the approved site plan must be approved as a Special Use by the BOC.

6. Required buffer as per site plan approval. Staff recommends 30'vegetative buffer along property lines that abut residentially used property as per similar uses identified in zoning ordinance.

7. No parking on county right-of-way.

8. Cottages will not be used as a permanent residence.

9. Signage must meet the requirements of residential zoning districts.

10. Exterior lighting shall be designed to prevent spillover onto adjacent lots. The Commissioners approved the manufactured housing unit on 1.98 acres on Deerfield Road. The property is zoned Single Family Medium Density. The MHU has met all appearance standards of the Troup County Zoning Ordinance.

A beer and wine license was approved for Pine Mountain RV Resort, locate at 8804 Hamilton Road, and the Happy Stop at 2911 Hamilton Road. They have met all the Troup County Code of Ordinances. These businesses have had previous license, but are now ran by new management.