Friday, April 7th

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Monday morning about 11 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Twin Cedars on East Depot Street in reference to attempted fraud.

Police arrived and spoke to the Director of Financial Services David Overby and a member of the accounts payable office, who advised that the organization named recently named Sheri Cody as their new CEO and Executive Director.

The two further explained that they both received fictitious emails to their work email accounts from someone claiming to be Cody requesting that $29,520 be sent to a subject in Fort Worth, TX.

They stated the fraudster even knew the names of several people within the organization while circulating this fictitious email chain in order to commit the financial theft.

Fortunately, in-house checks prevented the funds from being sent, but police were advised that the attempt was nearly effective.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Monday afternoon about 1 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Applebee’s restaurant in reference to a theft.

Officers arrived and met with the complainant, who stated she ate at the Applebee’s with her family the previous night at about 11:30 p.m. and had her wallet stolen.

The complainant stated that as they were leaving she realized the left her red clutch wallet on the table and went back to retrieve it but discovered it was missing.

While she and her family were looking for the wallet, they noticed their server exiting the men’s restroom. Only one other table of customers was in the restaurant at the time, so they began to suspect that the server may have taken the wallet. The victim and another family member then checked the bathroom and discovered the wallet buried deep within the restroom trash receptacle.

The wallet was then determined to be missing $40 in cash.

The victim stated she then met with the on-duty manager, who she stated was uncooperative and told her that she could not prove that the server was responsible for the wallet going missing or the theft.

The victim and family later returned to the restaurant the next day to meet with another manager and police.

Police spoke with another manager, who advised that he does not have the password to review security video, but the area director does will be in the restaurant next week.

The manager acknowledged that he was aware that the server in question having financial issues and he was suspected of adding a tip to a credit card purchase in March.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Monday afternoon about 4:11 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to Dry Falls in the LaGrange Mall on Lafayette Parkway in reference to Shoplifting.

Police arrived and spoke with the manager, who stated a male they later identified as Chandler Lott shoplifted a white Alabama hat, valued at $28, by concealing it in his right front pocket of his camouflage jacket.

Lott then went on to make a purchase of a different hat and used a store rewards card, which provided Dry Falls with his name and telephone number. The store then used this information to confirm his identify using security video.

Upon further review of the video, a subject with Lott actually chose the hat and began trying it on for fit. The video showed him placing the hat back down, but then walking back to it with Lott. The two began whispering to each other, which led to the other male handing the hat to Lott and him concealing the hat.

Police reviewed the video and they say it appeared as if the male had talked Lott into stealing the hat for him.

Using the video and social media, employees were able to identify the other subject as Kyle Reid Campbell.

Police then contacted both Campbell and Lott’s fathers, and they agreed to meet with the boys at the Troup County Sheriff’s Office to further discuss the case.

Officers first spoke to Lott who stated that Campbell did not have the money for the hat and he didn’t want to buy it for him due to knowing he couldn’t pay him back. Lott stated that Campbell then asked him again, “Can you get it for me?” in a persuasive tone. He then realized Campbell was referring to him stealing it. Lott then agreed and took the hat from Campbell and concealed it.

Lott advised that Campbell later took the hat with him.

Shortly afterwards, Campbell arrived with the hat in hand. He then admitted that he asked Lott to purchase the hat for him, but when he refused, he asked him to steal it for him.

As a result, Campbell, age 18, and Lott, age 17, were arrested and briefly booked into the Troup County Jail charged with Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500.

Both subjects were later released from the jail on $1,000 bond.

The hat was later returned to the manager at Dry Falls.

• Monday evening about 5 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to North Lewis Street in reference to a wanted subject.

Police were advised by Parole Officers that wanted subject, Earnest William Gay, was in the area with another wanted male.

Officers arrived and located Gay in the 300 block of North Lewis Street and took him into custody without further incident. The second subject was not located.

Gay, age 48, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail for violation of his Parole release on original convictions of Possession of Methamphetamine.

• West Point Police responded to an incident of Simple Battery which was reported on Third Avenue.