Monday, April 24th

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Tuesday night about 9:41 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to Curran Avenue in reference to an animal complaint.

Officers arrived and spoke the residents, who advised that about 20 to 30 minutes prior to police arrival, a large coyote or some type of large feline had attacked and killed their dog by ripping out its throat. They advised the dog had been temporarily tethered to the tree until they could fix their kennel.

Police then relocated to the rear of the residence where they found the dog, a blue heeler mix who was found deceased near the wood line. The dog was tether tied directly around the neck with a knot. There was also a fair amount of blood on and around the dog.

The female resident then began to roll the dog over and police observed that rigor mortis had already almost completely set in. Once the dog was rolled over officers did not observe any puncture marks on the dog at all, nor any other signs of injuries to the dog that would be associated with it being in a fight.

Police say the majority of the blood appeared to be coming from the dog’s mouth and there were no visible lacerations on the body of the dog.

Due to the resident’s stories not lining up with the state of the animal, officers had investigators respond to the scene.

Police checked the tightness of the tether around the neck and were unable to even get a finger between it and the neck of the dog.

The male resident, Valmer Coon, admitted to putting the tether on the dog, so he was issued a citation for a violation of the City of LaGrange Dog Tethering ordinance.

• Amber Nicole Lott, of West Point, was arrested by West Point Police for Failure to Appear.

• Caltavious Laquez Roberts, of Lanett, AL, was arrested by West Point Police for Felony Theft by Taking.

• Thursday morning about 10 a.m., officers took a walk-in report at the LaGrange Police Department in reference to an Auto Theft.

Police made contact with the male complainant, who stated he wished to report his vehicle as stolen.

The complainant stated he owns a gold 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport, valued at $2,000. He stated that his girlfriend helped him pay for the vehicle with a Mazda that he traded for the Jeep, but he owns the vehicle and showed police Georgia registration paperwork indicting that he was the owner of the Jeep.

The complainant explained that he has been living with his girlfriend and her parents for the last seven months. He stated that a few weeks prior they all went on a trip to Florida. He stated they later got into an argument with his girlfriend and her parents about money for the Florida trip and they advised that he wasn’t going to get his vehicle back until he paid the money that was owed.

Police were unable to reach the girlfriend via telephone, so officers called her mother and asked her what was going on with the vehicle.

The mother stated that the complainant still owes her daughter money for the vehicle and he hasn’t paid all the money that is owed on it. She stated that when he pays the money that she was owed, they would return the vehicle.

Officers advised the female that the vehicle legally belongs to the complainant and they could seek getting the money owed on it via civil court. The mother then stated she has messages on her phone from the complainant acknowledging how he owes them money. Officers then advised her that this was the proof that she needed to keep for civil court, but she couldn’t just take the vehicle without a court order.
Officers then asked the female where the vehicle was located and she refused to tell them, noting that the complainant could take her to court.

Police then advised the mother that she could be charged with auto theft for the incident and she told them to charge her.

About an hour later, police located the vehicle parked behind Kitty’s on Hogansville Road. Officers then contacted the owner and advised him where the vehicle was located and that he needed to take possession of the vehicle.

• Early Friday morning about 2:23 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Tall Pines apartments on Turner Street in reference to a domestic disturbance.

While en route, police were advised that the complainant stated her ex-boyfriend, Travis Reed, was at her apartment knocking on the doors and windows, demanding to be let in. Officers were also advised that Reed was banned from the Tall Pines complex earlier this month.

Police arrived and made contact with the complainant at her front door and she whispered that Reed was around the corner of the building.

Officers then observed Reed, who came around the corner of the building and began walking through the breezeway. Reed then looked up and saw police speaking with the complainant, who stated it was him.

Police then attempted to make contact with Reed on the ground level as he continued walking. As he began walking down the steps, officers advised Reed that they needed to speak to him, at which point he fled and ran from the building.

Officers gave chase, but ultimately lost Reed after a foot chase through the complex towards Turner Street.

Police then made contact with the complainant again, who stated Reed was well aware that he was banned from the location because he was issued a Criminal Trespass warning just a few days prior.

The female stated that Reed came to the location and began knocking on her doors and windows wanting to come in. She stated she told him he was not coming inside, but he walked around the side of the building and continued knocking.

Another female at the scene confirmed these statements and stated she knew it was Reed because he was calling out the complainant’s name to let him in.

Officers later checked Reed’s address on Juniper Street, but had negative contact.

Warrants were later issued for Reed for Criminal Trespass and Obstruction.