Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Tuesday afternoon about 4:41 p.m., officers took a walk-in report at the La-Grange Police Department in reference to a stolen debit card.

Police spoke with the victim who stated that the previous day she went to Walmart and possibly lost her card at the store. She stated she went there to purchase some items at an unknown time and last saw her card just before going into the store restroom.

The victim stated she wasn’t sure if the card was lost in Walmart, but that was the last place that she saw it.

The next morning she checked her checking account and discovered five fraudulent transactions. There were four separate withdrawals for $20 and one for $5, for a total theft of $85.

The victim stated her bank is already investigating the issue, but they asked her to make a police report.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Monday evening about 6 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Dollar General on North Greenwood Street in reference to shoplifting.

While en route, officers were advised that the suspect had taken some batteries and he was leaving the location in a blue Saturn, headed south on South Greenwood Street. Officers arrived in the area and immediately observed the blue Saturn, so an investigative traffic stop was conducted.

Troup 911 advised that the suspect was the passenger in the vehicle, so officers made contact with the passenger, William Randle Massey.

Police asked Massey if he had bought or taken some batteries from the store and he stated he remembered getting some batteries, but does not remember paying for them. The batteries were then recovered from a Dollar General bag lying in the floorboard of the passenger seat. Police checked a receipt that Massey had and it did not show him purchasing any batteries, so he was placed under arrest.

Police then spoke with a Dollar General employee who stated Massey concealed a pack of Energizer AA batteries in his pants pocket while standing behind another customer in the checkout line. The batteries were valued $8.25.

Massey was later determined to have no prior shoplifting convictions.

As a result, Massey, age 46, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked into the jail charged with Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500.

Massey was later released from the Troup County Jail on bond.

• West Point Police responded to an incident of Criminal Damage to Property which was reported on East 10th Street.

• West Point Police responded to an incident of Criminal Trespass reported on Highland Drive.

• West Point Police took a report of an incident of Forgery which was reported on East 10th Street.

• Lamorris Carr, of Nashville, TN, was arrested by West Point Police on Avenue B for Driving without a Valid License.