Taylor Cashes in with Six Stripers, Fishing Guide: “It is getting tough.”

Chris Fernsler
Sports Writer

Even the seasoned, diehard fishing guides have a bad day once in awhile.

Tommy Taylor knows the feeling. The fishing guide from Franklin had one of those frustrating days earlier this week. Taylor fished for 12 hours on West Point Lake on Thursday.

He caught some raindrops and six striped bass. There wasn’t much more than that.

“It is getting tough. I grew up fishing on this lake. This used to be one of the best lakes in the Southeast (for fishing). You have to figure out the pattern (of the fish),” said Taylor.

He still caught some fish on a bad day. Taylor reeled in his stripers from deep water, at 28 feet. He was fishing with live shad, and Taylor caught some stripers in the three to sixpound range.

Father and daughter Dick and Amelia Hardy of Yatesville (Upson County) spent another six hours on West Point Lake in hopes of catching the big one. What the fishing Hardys got were three hybrid bass, all around two pounds each.

The Hardys were fishing with live shiners, 20 feet down.

“We usually do real good, but this is the first day that we’ve been on the water (in a long time),” said Amelia Hardy. “We enjoyed the day.”

Fishing beats working.

“We located the fish, and the fishing was fair. I enjoyed the peace and quiet,” said Dick Hardy.

He and his daughter certainly didn’t need any sunscreen.

“There was no heat and a light rain,” said Amelia Hardy.

There was another fishing family on the water on Thursday afternoon. Glen and Steven Hershberger of Atlanta put their boat in at Pyne Road Park and proceeded to do some hybrid fishing on West Point Lake.

“The hybrids put up a big fight,” said Steven Hershberger.

He and his dad have fished on West Point Lake before. They like it and the hybrid bass.

“We don’t use live bait. We use crankbait. You can see the hybrids in the schools. They aren’t docile either. They are aggressive,” said Glen Hershberger.

He and his son were fishing with 10-pound test line.

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Dick Hardy comes back in after a challenging day of fishing on West Point Lake on Thursday afternoon.

It wasn’t that hard to get a birdseye view on Thursday afternoon at Pyne Road Park.

There was some fishing to be done on West Point Lake on Thursday afternoon.