Night Fishing: Lady Angler Catches a 10-pound Striper with Carolina Rig

Chris Fernsler
Staff Writer

After some flipping and hoping, Renee Wallace got her wish.

The lady angler from Newnan hooked up a 10pound striped bass on West Point Lake on Friday night. Wallace played the fish just right.

There was some strategy and some fishing smarts included as well. Of course, the striped bass played along, too. The bass was trying to pop the hook.

“He took it (the lure) and ran. And then he ran again. He got tired, and I persevered,” said Wallace.

She was fishing in 15 feet of water with a Carolina Rig. Wallace and her husband, Greg, caught five stripers on the night.

They also hauled in five spotted bass on Sunday afternoon. The bass weighed 2.5 pounds each. The Wallaces were fishing with topwater lures. They caught all of their fish in less than six feet of water.

“We were fishing south (on the lake), and we were fishing shallow. We were fishing in some hot water,” said Greg Wallace.

The water was 85 degrees. The anglers were sweltering hot, too.

“This is a hard lake to fish. There aren’t as many structures (as some lakes). But it is peaceful,” said Renee Wallace.

She caught some fish despite the conditions.

“This is something to try. It is a challenge,” said Wallace.

Paul Schick of Newnan caught two more weekend fish, both spotted bass at Yellow Jacket Creek. The bass weighed two pounds apiece. Schick was fishing at a lower depth, between 15 and 20 feet.

“You had to go deep (because of the stifling heat). I missed another one (spotted bass). It was crowded with the jet skiers,” said Schick.

He was fishing with a Rat-L-Trap lure.

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The jet skiers were back on West Point Lake for some sun and some fun on Sunday afternoon.

It was a family affair for some at the Highland Pines Resort & Marina on Sunday afternoon.

West Point Lake is a fishing paradise. The paradise was open for business on Sunday afternoon.



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