Gibbs Isn’t Satisfied with 1-1, Granger Coach Challenges his Team

Success can be fleeting, like bean dip at a birthday party.

Sometimes it tends to vanish when you least expect it. The LaGrange High football team can understand that. One week ago, the Grangers were ranked 15th in the state, and they were coming off a win over Heard County, the defending Class AA state champions.

Since then the Grangers have lost their confidence, their unbeaten record and their No. 15 state ranking. All that it took was a “down to earth” moment and a 56-10 defeat to the Callaway Cavaliers last Friday.

“We got humbled and embarrassed. We got down so early, so quick. Callaway has as many elite athletes as Troup and Cartersville,” said La-Grange High head coach Chuck Gibbs. “We dropped passes and missed blocks.”

So here the Grangers are at 1-1 going into this Saturday’s home game against the Hampton Hornets, also 1-1 on the season. The game will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Callaway Stadium.

Gibbs wants to see a totally different LaGrange High football team this week.

“We need to execute. We need to make the blocks and the reads. We need to jell and buy in. We need more intensity,” said Gibbs.

He thinks he will get a better effort from the Grangers tomorrow night.

“We’re not broken. We can beat anyone on our schedule. We’re hungry,” said Gibbs.

LaGrange High isn’t good enough to beat someone with its “C” game, however. The Grangers need their top of the line football persona.

“We need everyone doing their jobs. We need the (hard-core) mentality. We have to go 100 percent on every play,” said La-Grange High senior linebacker Dawson Jones.

The Grangers also need some chinstrap-popping blocks from offensive tackle Jonathan Sutton. His leadership will be required against the Hampton Hornets, too.

“We can’t underestimate anyone. We need to play more as a team. We need to take it game-by-game. It’s been tough,” said Sutton, the 6-foot-4, 272pound senior.

LaGrange High beat Hampton, 8-6 last year. The Grangers are expecting more points and more end zone celebrations on Saturday night.

Sutton and the Grangers are also planning on winning.

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The Grangers are getting a refresher course on football basics this week at practice. LaGrange High is 1-1 on the season.

Charles Crawford and LaGrange High are zeroing in on the immediate football future. The Grangers play Hampton on Saturday night at Callaway Stadium.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer