Swimming is Nothing but a Chlorine Rush for Kylee Motley

No longer is “no” the correct answer.

After two years away from the competitive waters, Kylee Motley is back with the Troup County Sharks. Motley recommitted to swimming and the Sharks in August.

She is glad she returned despite the sore muscles and the 1,000-yard workouts at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center pool. The swimming experience is becoming crystal clear again for Motley, who previously competed with the Sharks for three years.

“I have a passion for this. I’m having fun (again). I like the water rushing over my face, and I’m learning (new) techniques,” said Motley, a girl of 12 and a champion in the making.

Anything is possible with long arms, a big kick and a hard head. Motley has all three.

“The freestyle is making my legs stronger. I’m learning breath control, and I’m using my muscles. I believe in myself,” said Motley, the Pine Mountain native.

Kristen Moore, the head coach of the junior Sharks, can’t wait to see what Motley is going to do next. Moore sees potential and inner drive from the Long Cane Middle School seventh- grader. The girl aims to please.

“Kylee is motivated. She is working on her endurance and long yardage. She has good body position (in the water). Kylee is streamlined. She is doing her flip turns, and she knows all the strokes,” said Moore.

Motley wants to compete at the highest of levels.

“She has got the talent,” said Moore.

Motley wants to race. She wants to test herself, and she has a need to win. That is why she is working like a back woods farmhand.

“I like moving through the water. I want to get faster. I’m getting out of my comfort zone. Swimming makes me feel so much better,” said Motley.

She is being groomed for the 50-yard freestyle, 50 backstroke and 50-yard breaststroke by the Troup County Sharks. Motley has not forgotten about her reading, writing and arithmetic either. “I make all A’s (in school). I study, and I ask questions. I have my teachers tutor me,” said Motley.

She is paying attention in the swimming pool, too.

“I’m getting much stronger. I love swimming. I might become a pro swimmer when I’m older,” said Kylee Motley.

That is a definite possibility for the girl from Pine Mountain.

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Kylee Motley of Pine Mountain is gaining speed in competitive swimming as a member of the Troup County Sharks. Motley is 12 years old.

Wyatt Jeffcoat was going full tilt in a Troup County Sharks swimming practice on Monday afternoon. The 9-year-old Jeffcoat was making some waves. Jeffcoat is coached by Kristen Moore.


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