Final negotiating points of KIA deal

Rotary Learns the Process of Businesses Making LaGrange and Other Cities Their Home

Melanie Turner

This past Wednesday, Dan McAlexander introduced a special guest to the Rotarians. Birmingham attorney Lee Thurston joined the luncheon and told stories of how KIA and other companies make deals and start up new plants in cities all over the country.

From Hyundai, KIA, and other automotive companies, Thurston has had a part in helping to grow the automotive industry in Georgia and Alabama. He actually got starting working with all these companies when he was brought in to work on the Mercedes Benz deal in Alabama.

He had some very amusing stories to tell about some of the plans and meetings that were involved in getting KIA to come to West Point. He even had a picture of the final five negotiating points that were written down in 2006 on a napkin at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta Georgia while they were finalizing the KIA deal.

After he spoke he took questions from the audience, and one of his answers on getting new businesses here in LaGrange was that you need to be ready for when a business starts looking at the city. When these deals start forming they move pretty fast and according to Thurston, you need to already have a site or building ready so that the process of bringing the business in is easier and faster.

It was a very enlightening meeting in that for most people, we don’t really know what all is involved in bringing new businesses to the community. New businesses looking to come to LaGrange go through a lot of negations with officials so that not only do they get to bring their business here, it is to ensure that the business will benefit our community and our surrounding counties.

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Lee Thurston with Dan McAlexander