Hill View – The Oldest Cemetery in LaGrange

The oldest cemetery in LaGrange is actually three cemeteries combined. They are Hill View, Shadowlawn, and Hill View Annex, and all are located in the heart of downtown. HillView appears to have been opened or started shortly after the City of LaGrange was incorporated in 1828, but the exact time is unknown.

The older monuments are indications of the more prominent, influential people who helped to get the City of LaGrange started way back in the day. The grounds are maintained by the City of LaGrange (which they do a great job), but unfortunately the monuments themselves are not. Many of the older monuments are in really bad need of restoration, as they have been neglected for quite a number of years.

Hill View is the oldest part of the cemetery and has more gothic, taller, majestic, and very detailed monuments. It was established on the grounds of Troup County Academy with the burial of Abner Turner. These monuments are in their own way very beautiful with the intricate artwork and very fine details that are inscribed on them. There are also some Victorian, Gothic Revival, and other symbols on the monuments.

The other two sections are more of the modern age. There are over 10,510 people named on monuments in these cemeteries. It is a peaceful place, and if you take a walk through the older part (Hill View), you can see all the unique older art work of that century.

You can take a walking tour. It takes different routes through the cemetery. These tours tell you about military history, women, politicians, and even educators. Sometimes you even learn about the history of our colleges.

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