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Wortham Is A Defensive Terror In Callaway Clothing

Wortham Is A Defensive Terror In Callaway Clothing

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer

He hasn’t been ordinary one day in his life. JT Wortham has some paintpeeling intensity. It is off the wall.

From there it only gets better for Wortham. Or is that Mr. Wortham? He has a defensive motor that belongs at the Indianapolis Speedway. Wortham has two speeds – fast and faster. The Callaway High defensive end plays with a purpose, and he plays to win. He has energy like no other player.

Anything that is in his way, he is liable to hit. Wortham is a bubbling inferno. He is a football fanatic, who drops in on ball carriers like a ton of bricks. He can pack a punch. He can throw the left hook in a football sense. He is a player of influence.

Wortham knows how to make an impression. He is an intimidator and a prep football force that has to be reckoned with. He is not timid or shy. He is a defensive dandy in Callaway High clothing. He was good yesterday. He’s better today, and he aims to be unstoppable tonight just in time for the Cavalier region game at Rockmart.

The contest will commence at 7:30 p.m. in the Yellow Jackets stadium. Wortham will be there, and he will be looking for some trouble. He is just that kind of a defensive player. Competition is his best friend. Wortham doesn’t plan on backing down from anyone.

And never in his life has Wortham played at his current level. He is having the best season of his football career.

“I’m quicker and faster. I’m staying low. I’m aggressive, and I want to win. Our defense is doing some good things, and I’m trying to be a leader. We could get a (championship) ring,” said Wortham, who has tremendous closing speed.

Running backs fear him, and wide receivers avoid him. Quarterbacks try to stay out of Wortham’s way, but that is nearly impossible. Wortham is a tackling machine, and he roams from sideline to sideline.

“I’m physical,” said the 6-foot-2, 221-pound Wortham.

That is an understatement. Wortham already has 57 tackles and six sacks in his first six games this season. Wortham has made 19 tackles in the opponents backfield for minus yardage. There is no play that Wortham thinks he can’t make from his defensive end slot.

Dusty Hubbard, the Callaway High defensive coordinator, wishes he could bottle what Wortham has.

“JT is so much better and more dedicated (this year). He’s special, and he’s a leader. He is big, strong and athletic. We try to move him around (on the line). JT is a playmaker,” said Hubbard.

Wortham is also unblockable. He is often doubleteamed, to no avail. That doesn’t usually work.

“JT shows our young guys how to practice. He is quick out of his stance, and he’s a team guy. He can have some game-changing hits. On kickoffs, JT is a heatseeking missile. He sets the tone in a lot of games,” said Hubbard.

The Cavalier defensive coordinator is not the only one watching the steady progress of Wortham. The Callaway High defensive end is being recruited by South Alabama, Jacksonville State, Georgia Southern and Georgia State, according to Dusty Hubbard.