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Troup County News Annual Turkey Contest

Troup County News  Annual Turkey Contest

Troup County News Annual Turkey Contest

Troup County News has once again had an extremely successful turn out for our annual turkey coloring contest. Over 60 brightly colored turkeys gobbled their way into our offices, all of which were expertly drawn and colored beautifully. We sure have some talented artists in this quiet little town of ours.

Our two judges, who are not affiliated with TCN, sifted through turkey after turkey, finding it incredibly difficult to pick just one winner in all three categories. Eventually they narrowed it down to our three winners. Troup County News would like to thank each and every child who worked so diligently to make the perfect turkey and the parents or guardians who made sure they got here just in time for the contest.

TCN would also like to thank our two judges as well as our sponsors. Commission Chair Patrick Crews judged our 2-4 age group as well as our 5-7 age group. Our 8-12 age group judge was City Manager Tom Hall. Additionally, thanks to our sponsors, Americas Mattress and Lees Crossing Tires.

Winners: 2-4 age group: Michael Murphy, age four, 5-7 age group: Felicity Kivette, age seven, 8-12 age group: Khadra Veal, age nine.

Ages 2-4: Michael Murphy- age 4, A’mari Favorsage 3, Hannah Worthy-age 3, Faith Newsome-age 4 Ages 5-7: Annie Kate age 5, Anna Bentley age 6, Jessie Wood age 5, Grant Linskey age 5, Felicity Kivette age 7, Angel Gabino age 7, John Goss age 5, Christopher Teagle age 5, Christian Teagle

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Michael Murphy, age 4, Felicity Kivette, age 7, Khadra Veal, age 9 Troup County News Annual Turkey Contest Winners Revealed

age 5, Holden Newsome age 7, Jaden Axel Brazil age 7, Herman Stephen age 6, Bella Weaver age 6, Caelyn A. Dukes age 6, Gracie Baker age 7, and Javius Mc-Curty age 5, Andarion Zackery age 5, Antaniyal Blackmon age 6, Imahni Hairston age 7.

Ages 8-11: Duery Leonard Jr. age 11, Khadra Veal age 9, Brashaud Atkinson age 10, Jamie Reynolds age 10, Isaiah G. Honeycutt age 9, Joel Davidson age 10, Kymori Clemons age 9, Savannah Farrell age 11, De’Andre Holmes age 10, Rachel L. Stohecker age 10, Adele Mc-Cord age 10, Christopher Rodgers age 11, Akilah Hall age 9, Frank Wood age 8, Cameron Poythress age 11, Quinton Martin age 9, Jayvyn Johnson age 8, Harley C. Lee age 9, Hadree Arnold age 9, Abbie Arrington age 10, Clanton Reisinger age 8, Will Manning age 9, Ansley Allen age 11, Jacob Aaron age 10, Damani Whitfiled age 10, Valery Alsabroom age 9, Briar Alsabroom age 8, Gabrielle Cross age 11, Destiny Knight age 9, Marquavious Ramsey age 9, Katelyn Morris age 9, Madison Staples age 10, Janae’ Joleah Johnson age 9, Joana Russ age 8, Ivy R. Storey age 9, and Jaden Mccurty age 11, Trevor Shepherd age 10, Destinee Reeves age 10, DeAndre Holmes age 10, Harley Teal age 10