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Fight Outside Bank Ends Up Bad For Both Subjects

Fight Outside Bank Ends Up Bad For Both Subjects

his vehicle to see why the truck was following him, at which point the other subject, Charlie James Nolen, exited the vehicle and began yelling at him and threatening to beat him.

The sober subject stated he attempted to diffuse the situation by telling Nolen not to mess with him. He then and advised the altercation occurred because Nolen said he heard that he told someone he was 'going to bend his daughter over,' which he insisted he never said.

He stated Nolen then charged at him as he repeatedly tried to back up, but eventually punched Nolen in the face to defend himself. Nolen then fell to the ground, but got back up and tied to charge him again.

Police later spoke with several Charter Bank employees who confirmed these statements. Officers were also able to review security video that showed Nolen charging the other subject who appeared to be attempting to defend himself.

Officers then asked Nolen what happened and he admitted to following the other subject because someone had told him the he said he was “bend his daughter over.' He stated he then approached the other subject in the Charter Bank parking lot and they got into a altercation and he was punched in the face.

Whenaskedwhyhecharged at the other subject, he insisted to officer that they would do the same thing under the circumstances. Police then pointed out to Nolan that he probably would have made a different decision if he was not under the influence of alcohol and he partially agreed. Nolan was bleeding from multiple places on his face and appeared to be in a drunken state.

The other subject stated he was also injured and advised his hand was broken during the incident. Police observed it was severely swollen and one of the knuckles appeared to be out of place.

Due to his alleged drunken and injuries, officer elected to cite and release Nolen.

Nolen, age 42, was then arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct. He was then released in lieu of posting bond.

The other subject was not charged.