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Sister to Sister Lighthouse Thanksgiving Lunch

Sister to Sister Lighthouse Thanksgiving Lunch

Sister to Sister Lighthouse Thanksgiving Lunch

and helped in the community. Along with their partners at the Esther Project Ministries, they sponsor and support many different projects throughout the year. Started back in 2007, Sister to Sister has been involved in the community and has been helping to spread the word and love of Christ throughout the community.

This is the sixth year of the annual Thanksgiving lunch that Sister to Sister and its sponsors have thrown for the community. As well as helping feed people this holiday season, they also work during Christmas to help collect food and toys for children in the community that are less fortunate. They are also involved in several women’s and children’s ministries and are working on projects for Easter.

Along with Sister to Sister, other organizations are chipping in to help out during the holidays. Esther Project Ministries is helping with the lunch as well as running a seminar in January to help empower individuals in the community. Also present were some local churches, youth impact ministries, and several of the servers work for TJ MAXX here in town which is also a sponsor of this great event.

Brenda Walker, the head of Sister to Sister, spoke with us of how the ministry really has a spot in its heart for women and children in need in this community and how they are dedicated to make sure that they can help as many in need this Thanksgiving as they possibly can.

Huger is a decisive issue in America. According to a Gallup poll conducted in September of 2013, 20 percent of adults did not have enough money to buy food for their family at some point throughout the calendar year. With hunger and homelessness both being a huge issue, it is truly a blessing to see companies and organizations giving of themselves to help others in need.

As long as we have organizations like Sister to Sister Lighthouse, Esther Project Ministries, and all the other places involved in wonderful events like this, we as a community will continue to show others that our town is a town of love and understanding that lends a hand to those in need.

Let’s all strive to help others who need our help this Thanksgiving holiday.