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Car Club Runs Charity Drive;

Car Club Runs Charity Drive;

Car Club Runs Charity Drive;

Raises $9,000 For Men’s Homeless Shelter in LaGrange And St. Jude’s Hospital

Everyone loves a cool car. Some love it so much that they buy them, drive them around town, and even join clubs to talk with other like minded people. However, even when a passion bonds people, they can still come together and help out the community in need. The Georgia/ Alabama Region of the Antique Automobile Association of America is one of those organization dedicated to helping those in need.

This amazing car club hosted their annual meeting to redistribute funds that they have collected for charity. The lovely Carriage and Horses restaurant in Pine Mountain hosted the party with an amazing selection of food and some of the most beautiful scenery that the eye could see.

The members gathered to fellowship and talk with one another as well as to enjoy an amazing selection of food. Once the real meeting began, it was truly clear how much these individuals cared about giving back and helping the community around them.

This year the club raised over $9,000 for charity, a new record for the whole crew. $4,500 dollars was presented to Mr. Jimmy Pruitt with the Men’s Homeless Shelter here in LaGrange and the other half of the funds will be presented to St. Jude’s Hospital, which has always been the clubs national charity. This was the club’s 34th annual show with 106 entries.

While most of what went on was catching up and members that had not seen each other in quite a while coming back together, there was so much more going on than just car talk. This is a group of people that truly care about the world around them. They were kind, funny, and aware of how they should give back.

It was an amazing time of fellowship where old members reunited and new friendships were made. Their collections for charity have grown in value every year now and surely this time next year they will go to even further links to make sure that they help those that need help.

For more information on this awesome club, contact their president Charles Norris at 706-527-0668. Additionally, for more information on the fine dining and unbeatable service provided by Carriages and Horses Restaurant at 607 Butts Mill Road, call 706-663-4777 or check them out on Facebook.

Car Club Runs Charity Drive; Car Club Runs Charity Drive; Car Club Runs Charity Drive;

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer